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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coffee Chat #4: Social Media

Catch my latest coffee chat with Editor Lynda Dietz over at her blog ;)
This week we're easing our way into chatting about Social Media…neither of us are great at it, so go read at your own risk. Click here: Taming The Social Media Monster.


  1. This was the perfect chat for me this week LOL. As I said on Lynda's site, I almost had a panic attack just reading about all the different options. I can't keep up with any of them.

    1. A panic attack is exactly what Social Media is best at inducing…maybe some laughter in between, but goodness is it overwhelming? Thanks for popping over ;)

  2. I left a message there. It's okay if you don't read it. It's just me, pontificating.


    1. I read it, laughed, and replied. Why? Because its you, Janie. Because its you. :)